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Presented by Louis Mangione – louis@mangione.com – 206.251.3521

Differentiated Instruction: Practical and Effective Strategies to Use with the Whole Class

This workshop provides powerful strategies for increasing the use of differentiation in the classroom. Participants are actively engaged in developing instruction that will challenge and motivate students with diverse skills and backgrounds. A variety of advanced techniques for differentiating instruction across the curriculum will be modeled throughout the day. Participants will also discover how offering student choice, varying instruction and learning modes, organizing flexible learning groups, and designing tiered assignments, can elicit enthusiasm, creativity and excellence from all students.

Indelible Instruction: Transforming Classroom Instruction to Accelerate Student Learning

This full-day, cross-curricular workshop focuses on delivery of instruction. Participants are engaged in the application of brain-based teaching strategies that incorporate movement, art, music, imagery, drama, critical thinking, contextualized direct instruction, and purposeful student interaction. The workshop models a series of techniques for varying and differentiating instruction, promoting higher-order thinking skills, and teaching for depth of understanding in order to create a challenging and inclusive learning environment that ensures success for all students.

N.B. Indelible Instruction and Brainstreaming Workshops can focus on Instruction for Block Schedule per individual school needs

Brainstreaming: Ensuring Student Success Through Active Engagement in Learning

This one-day, cross-curricular workshop focuses on student engagement. Teachers from all disciplines are immersed in the use of effective instructional strategies designed to increase classroom participation, develop essential problem-solving skills and promote creativity. The interactive format allows teachers to participate in the scaffolding, collaboration, innovation, higher-order thinking, and assessment practices that form the basis of powerful classroom learning experiences for all students.

Powerful Instruction for World Language and ELL Classrooms:

In this hands-on workshop, participants experience highly-effective strategies for incorporating movement, drawing, and guided imagery to enhance instruction and assessment in the language classroom. Techniques for implementing the use of music, role-play, and cooperative learning to enrich instruction and increase productivity will also be addressed. All strategies are presented in an interactive format, and have been chosen for their adaptability and ease-of-use. The focus of the day will be to enliven language-learning classrooms by enhancing instruction in target, facilitating student-to-student communication, and developing understanding of content in order to ensure success for all students.

All workshops can be tailored to meet the specific professional development goals such as:

Enhancing Teaching and Learning Across the Curriculum

Increasing Differentiation to Ensure Success for All Students

Applying Current Brain Research to Accelerate Learning

Block Scheduling: Engaging Learners in Extended Class Periods

Improving Outcomes for Diverse Student Populations

Promoting Creativity to Improve the Quality of Student Work

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