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Unsw Professional Staff Agreement

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The university said: “In the current environment, the impact of a large number of employees using these options could have the effect of significantly reducing the financial difficulties of the WEV – and thus the number of job losses that we need to take into account.” Yesterday`s message from the President and Vice-Chancellor to all staff of the President and Vice-Chancellor raised a number of concerns about the voluntary measures proposed by the university over the next three months. Options for all employees include: Full-time pay rates for professional staff (35 hours per week) are included in Schedule 1 of the proposed new agreement The University of New South Wales (Professional Staff) Agreement 2018 and as described in the tables below. This agreement has not yet been approved by the Fair Work Commission. If you leave your name and contact information, we will contact you with confidence, as always. . If you prefer, you can ask anonymous questions – if you choose to do so, your question will be answered in our regular email newsletters to NSW CPSU members. Lisa Nelson (CPSU NSW Industrial Officer) – Protected e-mail – We have regular discussions with the university on the rapid evolution of the situation, with the aim of protecting the jobs of our members and ensuring that the rights and conditions of employment of our members are respected both collectively and individually. . The CPSU NSW also has a question field (via Survey Monkey) HERE Kirra Jackson (CPSU NSW Organiser) `protected email`>-protected email these prices are shown below: `The increase applies from the first full payment period on or after this data` non-members of the NSW Professional Staff Union may join HERE UNSW Staff Professional online and may ask questions or concerns that you have during this work. If you are a member of CPSU NSW and you feel pressured to accept reduced hours or do something that you are not satisfied with, contact a UNW Professional Staff Union delegate (see contact below) or call the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

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