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Unpaid Internship Employment Agreement

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Given your internship in the company and the disclosure of the information, you also accept that: (1) at the end of your connection with the company, all proprietary information and all copies, excerpts and other objects or objects in which they may be contained or embodied will be immediately returned; (2) You will immediately notify the company of any unauthorized disclosure of proprietary information within your control; 3. They agree to comply with the company`s strict directive that employees and trainees cannot, directly or indirectly, disclose information, including the terms of this letter, to an individual, including other company staff and interns, about compensation; However, provided you can discuss the terms of this letter with your immediate family members and with all legal, tax or accounting specialists who would provide you with legal, tax or accounting advice; and (4) You understand and believe that any violation of the provisions of this section could cause the company to suffer irreparable damage and not be able to remedy it properly. Accordingly, you accept that in the event of an infringement, the company has the right to apply for an appropriate exemption and another discharge that can be granted by a competent court. An internship should only last for the time the intern is studying. If the intern is in school, it should include the intern`s academic plan or academic calendar. In short, your internship program should be set up as an educational experience. INSERT PHONE NUMBER and E-MAIL ON INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS. Any omission is considered a violation of the internship contract and may lead to dismissal. It is similar to the practical training the trainee would get at school.

The training course offers training similar to that provided in an educational policy environment, including clinical and other practical training provided by educational institutions. 4.1. The internship is linked to an educational and therefore unpaid purpose. Compliant unpaid internship programs are well documented. That`s what brings me to do it…. After setting up the structure of your internship, conducting your interviews and selecting a candidate, the next step should be a written contract. 2.1. The company, in collaboration with the intern and the UNIVERSITY, defines the framework of the internship. 1.1. Starting with START OF INTERNSHIP (start date), the intern participates in an internship as an unpaid intern. CONSIDERING that the trainee wants an internship to gain knowledge, experience, training, training in the company industry; 1.4.

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