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Student Supervisor Agreement Kcl

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Interested candidates must first contact the relevant faculty for the facilitators and available disciplines. Academic candidates are limited to the ONE CASE application, in which they are the designated principal. It is possible to be listed as the second supervisor for several CASE applications. Once the program is successfully completed, a student obtains a joint degree from HKU and KCL. a) Who is your clinical director or university supervisor and where he has essential or voluntary contracts.andb) Which king`s Health Partners Trust will be the primary recruitment research site. The bios used on department websites are a good place to find academics who share your research interests. They can also speak to academics in departments called “PGR or PhD tutors” or administrative staff for PGF. It is important to do so even if you have to apply for a 1/3 bonus and first pass a master`s degree, because the condition of a 1/3 prize is to immediately enter a doctoral program after completing your master`s degree. It is therefore highly recommended that you choose a supervisor for your master`s/graduation degree, who will continue to work as a doctoral student for you. If successful, the academic can assign the studies either to a designated student or through an agreed recruitment procedure. The involvement of the partner institution should add value to studies (for example. B various opportunities for analysis, dissemination, research management, networking and/or knowledge transfer) and a financial contribution (although not essential). The PhD project should also improve the activities of the partner institution by offering potential for social or economic impact.

The scientific project manager is asked to indicate in the “Case for Support” form whether the project is best done in the 1/3 or 3 format. A decision should be made in consultation with the non-university partner and taking into account the level of training required by the student to carry out the project. Collaborative students box are assigned to projects previously developed by a hierarchical superior, so that your supervisor and the overall structure of the project are already in place. For both competitions, we offer either a 1-3 level (master 1 year followed by a promotion) or a promotion of 3 degrees (promotion of 3 years). All students are available full-time or part-time (50%). Full-time students receive a bursary of $17,285 per year and their fees are paid. (Fees for international students cannot be fully paid.) Additional funds are also available for research costs of approximately $750 per year. Tuition fees are paid exclusively to the original institution for the duration of the application. Tuition fees for HKU are HK42,100 per year, subject to verification. Culture and Research Institutions During their stay at each higher education institution, students can use all academic and other institutions that are normally offered to PhD students. Where possible, office space is made available to students during the time they spend in each institution.

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