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Salem Nh Collective Bargaining Agreement

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1.3 Association: the reference to the “association” as the exclusive representative of the workers means the public organization of the National Workers` Association of New Hampshire, SEIU Local 1984, if any under the supervision of RSA 273-A, and the employer is not required to negotiate with a committee and may not negotiate or enter into agreements with a committee, a business chapter or district organization of the association, which are covered by this Agreement, unless such persons or entities are expressly designated by the association as authorized representative for such purposes. Further references to the association in this Agreement refer to the State Employees` Association of New Hampshire, SEIU Local in 1984, under the authority of RSA 273-A, as applicable. The NCTQ Teacher Contract Database contains policy information for more than 145 school districts across the country. The parties take into account, among others, the service of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and the American Arbitration Association for a mediator or postman. If the parties fail to reach an agreement on the choice of a mediator or postman, the PELRB is requested in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 273-A: 12. 3.7.3. The Employer authorizes up to five (5) members of the Association to participate in the negotiations of the Sub-Units with the Master Bargaining Team for their negotiations of specific Sub-Units on mutually agreed dates. These dates include a day that the Association uses to conduct negotiation training for members of the sub-units. Workers can take up to 64 hours of bonus leave paid at the time of separation or retirement at the worker`s rate of pay at the time. Any bonus leave longer than 64 hours must be used or extinguished within 365 days of the date it was accumulated. .

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