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Raincity Housing Collective Agreement

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“And that`s a real problem for us. We do not believe that because of their socio-economic status or housing status, workers should be treated differently or less. Smith said the BCGEU was now trying to understand why Donaghy was not a member of the tariff unit. There are no cookie solutions for the homeless when there are not enough affordable housing available. So we rely on lifelong learning to help people progress in their lives. Change is possible. If you or someone you know needs emergency accommodation, transitional accommodation or long-term accommodation, here are the steps you need to take. It may say “apartment” in our name, but RainCity Housing and Support Society is so much more than a hot and dry place to stay. Every day, we provide housing, support and relationships with more than 2,000 people in British Columbia`s Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast and help create more opportunities in people`s lives. Kim Woodward, deputy director of human resources and labour relations kwoodward@raincityhousing.org Julie Day, who also worked with Donaghy and Volkova at the Molson site, said she did not want to blame overdose prevention operators. The problem is the lack of funding from the city, the countryside and the federal government to support mental health and housing.

Peers often start out as volunteers who receive a paid cash scholarship of about $10 an hour — less than the minimum wage. As they gain more experience and start working more regular positions, they are often paid between $15 and $18 an hour, Ledger said. Unionized workers earn $21 to $28 per hour, and starting October 1, $27 to $28 per hour under a new collective agreement. The HRP manages a mix of strategic, operational and administrative priorities to ensure that human resources programs support the organization`s objectives, are consistent across the organization, respect human rights and respect the collective agreement and legal standards. Donaghy employees are now speaking out on long-term safety concerns at overdose prevention sites and the large gap between peer workers and others considered full-time workers. CUPE 1004 has tried to organize peers who work in overdose prevention centres in PHS community services. It was voted, but the ballot box is currently at the employment agency, sealed and with unst counted votes, because PHS challenged the list of union employees, Ledger said. Stephanie Smith is the President of the BC Government and Service Employees` Union, which represents some workers at the St Paul`s site. Smith called the work “inherently risky,” but said what she heard from members working at the St. Paul site was that there had been verbal outbursts, but they rarely escalated into violence.

Everyone we meet has a unique story. By listening to these stories, we have learned not to judge, to replace stereotypes with open hearts and to live generously. If someone is on the street, it is because it is the safest or the only option they have. That`s why our team works tirelessly to connect with people who are inclusive and reciprocal, while creating spaces where people can be safe, respected and heard.

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