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December Strategy of the Month

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   R.A.F.T. Assignments

The components of a RAFT assignment are as follows.

         R – Role (What identity will the student assume as the writer?)

         A – Audience (To whom does the writer “speak”?)

         F – Format (In what form will the content be communicated?)

         T – Topic (What critical knowledge must be conveyed?)

NOTE: Several important elements are key to the success of RAFT assignments:

       1. Assignments must require students to transform content knowledge.

       2. The RAFT format itself must be taught and practiced.

       3. Assessment criteria must also be carefully taught.       

       4. Options that are considered more challenging should be clearly indicated on the chart and        deliberately defined as such, particularly if the level of difficulty will be considered in assessing student work.


Raft sample


RAFT Rubric


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