Louis Mangione

Innovations in Education, Inc.


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Louis is the author of four resource handbooks designed to accompany the seminars he presents:

Differentiated Instruction: Practical and Effective Strategies to Use with the Whole Class

Indelible Instruction: Transforming Classroom Instruction to Accelerate Student Learning

Brainstreaming: Ensuring Student Success Through Active Engagement in Learning

Powerful Instructional Strategies for World Languages/ESL CLasses

A master copy of the resource handbook that accompanies each workshop will be provided in advance to the workshop sponsor, with permission to reproduce for participants only. Handbook content is copyrighted.

Note: We look forward to publishing Differentiated Instruction in book form in the near future.  At this time, however, copies of Louis Mangione’s resource handbooks are not available except to  attendees of the workshops he presents.

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