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Agreement And Disagreement Practice

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“I didn`t break it.” “Yes, you did.” 10. Tom wasn`t there. Neither did his brother. 11. I loved the movie, but my brother didn`t. 12. “You don`t know him.” “Yes, I do.” Yes I know. Here is a whole series of expressions to remember. But if you look at them more closely, many are quite similar and express only small details or nuances. If you get used to the use, you`ll learn which one to use, depending on who you`re chatting with and what language (or recording) you need to use. Finally, it becomes very simple. It`s the worst movie we`ve ever seen.

– I wouldn`t say that. (Disagree.) (Correct) 3) No: smoking should be allowed in public places. 7. Do you want another piece of chocolate cake? –. (Accept.) It`s true. (False) 9. We go to the local auto show. Would you like to join us? –. (No.) It`s true. (False). .


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