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Aberdeenshire Council Activity Agreements

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An activity agreement is an agreement between a young person and their “primary interlocutor” for the young person to participate in an apprenticeship and activity program that must be planned and implemented in order to help the young person prepare for formal learning or employment. There must be regular monitoring of the agreement with the young person. If the young person receives a living allowance (EMA), this meets the financial requirements of the EMA. The activities available are designed to help a young person move to the next stage of their post-school teaching goal. The emphasis is on developing the skills needed to obtain employment or training, provided by various partners in the city. Each activity agreement is based on the young person and his needs. An activity contract is one of the targeted options for young people who reach the legal school age or can be an option at any time between the ages of 16 and 19. It is part of the Scottish Government`s guarantee of “opportunities for all” for a continuing education offer. The support and support provided by the Aberdeenshire Employability Partnership is included in a number of tables below. The tables show the support available at each stage of the pipeline. To view the most relevant information, just click on the scene you`re on. You`ll find an email address for an appropriate contact by clicking on the “Supplier Contacts” button.

. Aberdeenshire Council EC-S – CLD Services Opportunities for All . A non-formal option under an activity agreement can only begin after the young person has left school; However, planning may take place during their last Parliament, so that they can begin their program after the end of school. Contact Carol Balcombe, details below to be in touch with your local collaborator, who will be happy to meet a young person and do transition work before leaving school. They can attend meetings and provide practical advice, develop a transitional action plan with future goals, and work with the person after school to ensure that someone is involved beyond the transition process. The job coaching to assess the skills of the job – sometimes a young person with additional needs is not sure of the skills he has – the employability service has access to protected internships where skills can be assessed. Activity Agreements – The service receives recommendations for youth with special needs and will help them determine what they want to do while they are on the agreement. Activity agreements are specifically related to employment.

If you are between the age of 16 and 19 and looking for more information on the help available on the youth employment plan, click the YEAP button. You can also find out about living allowances for educational institutions. Project Research – An exciting employment project at the University of Aberdeen, which allows 6 young people with autism, asbergers or other learning disabilities aged 16 to 24 to take a 9-month employability course with 3 different internships on university campuses.

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